Etzion Foundation

Since 1968 the talmidim of Har Etzion have been putting their lives on the line for the safety of the Jewish people in the Jewish land, while ensuring that our survival is not merely physical but spiritually meaningful – based in a commitment to the eternal values of Torah and mitzvot.

The Yeshiva has hundreds of students serving in the IDF, including over 40 lone soldiers, and thousands of alumni on the front lines. Similarly, over 300 students and alumnae of Migdal Oz are serving in the IDF and National Service, while others are contributing on the civilian front. In parallel, they have dedicated themselves to increasing their Torah learning, prayers, and spiritual commitment.

While our students work to ensure the spiritual strength and physical security of the Jewish people, we must address the urgent need to strengthen their physical security.

This year we must raise additional funds, over and above our annual campaign, to enhance the security on both of our campuses in response to the continuing challenges.

We need your increased support now more than ever!