The Gush Dinner
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Dinner Reservations & Tribute Journal

Tribute Journal
to be presented to the honorees
The following categories entitle you to
a table of 10

Type copy for Tribute Journal below 
Deadline for ads is March 12

The following categories entitle you to
2 dinner reservations

* All the above categories include
a listing in the Scroll of Honor
includes 2 dinner reservations
My donation is in honor of Lior '84 and Dr. Drora Arussy

Paying Tribute to the 1998 machzor on their 20th Anniversary
Please earmark $  of my donation towards the Alumni Anniversary Scholarship Campaign



I/We plan to attend the dinner.

Please reserve seats at $325 per person (if not already included in your Tribute Journal Ad Level)

New Special Rates (Age 30 and under):
Please reserve seats at the Young Professional rate of $150 per person, $250 per couple
Please reserve seats at the alumni rate of $65 per person
(For alumni/alumnae currently full time students)


I/We can't attend the dinner but would like to contribute $

Names for Reservations 

I/We would like to sit with


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Total Amount $

Your gift is deductible as a charitable contribution only to the extent that it exceeds the value of goods or services you received  The fair market value of the dinner is $125 per person.
Please be reminded that grants from donor-advised funds may not be used to provide benefits to the donor.


My company  will provide a matching gift


Thank you for your generous support!

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